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 Aerosmith Concert!!!

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Aerosmith Concert!!! Empty
PostSubject: Aerosmith Concert!!!   Aerosmith Concert!!! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2007 11:10 pm

I went to the Aerosmith World Tour Yesterday (Monday September 24, 2007)!! It was awesome... they played almost all of my favorite songs! Here's the songs they played that i can remember from the top of my head. Walk This Way (Of Course... actually it was for their encore), Love in an elevator, Sweet Emotion, Same old Song and Dance, Livin' on the edge, Dream On, Last Child, What it takes, and a lot more i can't remember... actually Joe Perry sang a song instead of Steven Tyler, I thought that was cool. The only things i hated was that it was actually too loud, so it wasn't that clear, also like three people behind us were smoking marijuana (regular smoking wasn't even allowed, lol)...... so, it really stank, i was almost ready to puke!

So... has anyone been to this tour? obviously since it was/is worldwide some of you probably did!

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Aerosmith Concert!!!
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