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 Just a little something.

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Just a little something. Empty
PostSubject: Just a little something.   Just a little something. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2008 1:50 am

Just a little big something.

I'm making a toolbar for my VMK Media site. It works with Internet explorer, it also is compatible with firefox., but some features will be lost if you choose to run it on Firefox.

It's in alpha testing right now, but when it comes time for some beta testing, all members on this forum, vmk media forums, and anyone in the mailing list for VMK Media gets to take part in it.

Here's a screenie of what you'll get if you run it in Internet Explorer.
Just a little something. Screenshotvmkmediatoolbvo4

If you choose to run it in Firefox, you'll lose the radio feature.

System Requirements
Operating System:

Internet Explorer

I recommend installing it on a computer with Windows Operating System, because then you get the radio feature.

*Quick Links to VMK Media, and our favorite sites.
*VMK Media or Google Search
*Chat Room, allows you to chat with other people using the toolbar.
*Email Notifier, allows you to check email directly from the toolbar
*News and Updates about VMK Media, or anything else that I feel is important.
*Pop Up Blocker
*Radio, allows you to listen to VMK Fan, and VMK Central Podcast directly from the toolbar. Also, VMK Media Radio is another option incase you don't want to listen to a podcast, It allows you to listen to VMK Music without having to download any of the songs.

I'll PM the link to anyone who wants to try it out, once alpha testing is over.

Wow, this was a lot more than I thaught. Surprised

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Just a little something.
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