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 Rock's say about vmk

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PostSubject: Rock's say about vmk   Mon Aug 06, 2007 10:55 pm

All right well so i have a few complaits about the way vmk staff is making the game pretty ridiculous.

well One thing is the words they keep banning! Mad some words they banned are
chese,Man,coming and alot others and it really makes typing in the game very difficult.
Well my oppinion of vmk staff is that they're going to bann every word!

not only that but it is STUPID how you can't say the same word twice! that does not make sense.

i got scammed one time and i tried to track that person down but let me tell you this, it is probably impossible to ask someone for a trade back. the people are so mean and it gets fustrating complaining with them. Here is some tips not to get scammed in a trade,
1. look in the stores and see what is rare and what is not before going into a trade.
2. be sure to double check what you are trading.
3. reporting in a scam does not help
4. if your trading teleporters make sure the 2 teleporters lead to each other

i guess now vmk staff has finally done something nice and cool for all the vmk people.
vmk is giving out a bunch of stuff(dream furniture) and so far im mostly looking forward to the mickey ears and the dream room.
but the big question everyone is asking is where do the HOST show up.
my oppinion is to go to the most popular room, the host might be their but try empty rooms to because i think that HOST'S will appear in the room you would least suspect.But if you have any information about where the host ussually is just e-mail me.

I have not been on vmk for a while but it has been getting better and better with the furniture to the activities. although pirates month is back i like how there is double the credits tuesdays and thursedays. my favorite part about pirate month is the quest that members come out with, espeacially the ones that talk about the ride in disneyworld. but still the staff needs to think of a new theme for the months like space month or a western month, quest month, or some kind of furniture month like that.

................feel free to comment me for any thing i should mention or if you have any questions for me in the podcast e-mail me or comment me at feedback@vmkcentralpodcast.com [REMEMBER THAT IS NOT A WEBSITE]

FROM- the co-host and podcast editor-------rockindom


[Co-host of vmkcentral podcast and editor]

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PostSubject: Re: Rock's say about vmk   Tue Aug 07, 2007 10:10 pm

i got mad on how they repeated months, we need something new not just new items. i got mad when yavn said they are closing vmk central in wdw but just after we did that emergency podcast my mom told me they are just moving it to tomorrowland


thanks penguinz
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PostSubject: Re: Rock's say about vmk   Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:28 pm

Dreams month is probably the best month in VMK this year.
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PostSubject: Re: Rock's say about vmk   

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Rock's say about vmk
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